Asking the right questions is critical.

Make sure you're asking these questions before you select an agent to list your home

  • What kind of website and social media exposure will you provide?
  • Where will my listing be posted?
  • How many sites will my listing be syndicated to?
  • Will you advertise the open house on all syndicated sites?
  • Will you create full color ads for major newspapers?
  • How will you publicize an open house for my property?
  • Will you go door-to-door to inform neighbors about the open house?
  • Do you have a comprehensive, step-by-step marketing plan for selling my property?
  • Can you show me examples of the photography and videos you provide?
  • How will you work with me to market my home in a presentable and appealing fashion to buyers?
  • What specific tactical steps will you take to insure that I am pricing my home correctly?
  • What is your role in regard to the home appraisal?
  • What is the process for agents submitting offers to you?
  • How should we respond if we get unsatisfactory offers, or no offers at all?
  • Many agents are hard to reach. What is your availability and response time to answer a question or request?
  • How do you draw/attract buyers to match the style and desire to preview my home?
  • What will be your ongoing consultation role through completion of the sale – “until the check clears?”
  • What happens if the appraisal comes in low?
  • What happens if we get two or more offers at a time?
  • How will new mortgage rules affect me?
  • What can you tell me about what customers are saying regarding the results and reputation of your services?
  • What consultation will you provide regarding contingencies and disclosures involving loans, home inspection, termite damage, etc.?

Get the answers to these questions when you use a real estate professional who knows The NEW Rules of Real Estate®.


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