I had the dream to own my own home in my 20’s and after years of saving half my paycheck, I alone made that dream a reality.  After buying and then selling my home, I had experienced what it was like to be the client, and have modeled my practice in real estate around those experiences.  I am a homemaker, and love everything about owning a home from throwing dinner parties to remodeling the entire home.

Education has always been important to me, and my degrees in Psychology and Marketing are tools that navigate me through any situation. I am known for being very helpful through the processes of real estate, and use my knowledge of Personality Psychology to investigate what my clients really want and need in today’s market.  I like to zero in on certain characteristics of my clients and help them find homes they love faster.  My style is fun and friendly, and working with me is always a breath of fresh air. 


Listing - 104 Avenida Caballeros - Sold for over asking price
Listing - 27853 Espinoza - Sold for over asking price
Sale - 12511 Pepperwood - Found off market property for my client
Sale - 1319 Glencroft - Offer accepted when there was multiple offers
Sale - 27853 Espinoza - my client was able to purchase for under asking
Sale - 1483 Carlisle Ct. - Offer accepted when there was multiple offers, and negotiated repairs for buyer


I have a very colorful background, from my education in Psychology and Marketing, to my dedication to the family business. By the age of 27, I had received my MBA and BA from CSU, Long Beach. I was in the Transportation Industry for a large amount of time in my adult life, in which I helped my family grow two businesses that still thrive today.  While I did have it good with my prior companies, there was a longing to make a name for myself.  The fact that I had experience in running businesses, it was no-brainer for me to start my own business in Real Estate.  Also, I have always had the passion to help others, and now I am in front of people helping them realize their dreams.  


5 Star Zillow Agent